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Friday, March 30, 2012 | 2 people talking
Bismillahirahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum.

So how's your everyday life? Today I'm gonna post an entry in English in order to spread the dakwah all around the world. And PLEASE, keep in your mind that dakwah should be done by ALL Muslims in the world, NOT only those who are so religious but we, Muslims as caliphs in this world SHOULD NOT reflect a bad image of Islam. Come on, Rasulullah SAW had done a really super-great effort in order to save the name of Islam, HOW COULD you easily take things for granted on that part? Hello, Earth to Muslims all around the world, PLEASE. Cover your aurat PROPERLY, especially dearest Muslim sisters of mine.

So...what's going on all around the world, the borderless world specifically these days, there have been lots of Muslim sisters who are not covering their aurat properly. I mean, WHY is this happening? This shouldn't be happening especially when you are a female. Female, a really soft and weak kind of creation should show a really good example to everyone else. We, the females are such great creations of Allah, so unique. Everything's all about us. Especially when you're a mother of your child(ren). You're such a noble person when you become someone's mother.

As if you'd like to know, women are the creations of Allah who are SO EASY to enter the Heaven AND SO EASY to enter the Hell. Because? There are lots of good deeds that women can contribute in order to increase the level of the name of Islam. You will be easily bestowed for pahala if you do good deeds, then again like I said before, ESPECIALLY if you are a mother of someone. Mothers are so noble, compared to father. Everything's starting from mother, not father. We originated from mother's womb, and we were born from that, not father's. When we were small, we woke up every morning, mentioning 'ma, ma'...not 'pa, pa' (mostly).

But, if it comes to NOT covering your aurat properly, then you'll be bestowed sins so easily at the point where IF you do them all the time, your heart will be surrounded by black spots, which are sins, that come from the 'aurat exposing' that you do everyday. THINK women, THINK!! ~

Those who are not married yet, the sins of exposing aurat will be fully-responsible by your FATHER. While for those who are married, the sins of exposing aurat will be fully-responsible by your HUSBAND. Think women, PLEASE, think properly. Do you want your father OR husband to be DRAGGED TO HELL because of YOU exposing your aurat?

In this borderless world, I have to admit that it is one of the steps for the major development of the country. But please take a note that it also has many challenges waiting up ahead where the point you are easily influenced by negative minds around you. But also, borderless world has its own positive part. But again, PLEASE be careful, especially women, these days are coming to the end of the world, so please do MORE good deeds rather than committing sins. THINK properly...

So I think that's all. I have to stop now. This message is dedicated to Muslims all around the world especially women. Thanks for reading.

A. K.

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